Purple Tiger, Ramsbottom

We truly are a family run and owned business, even our name, Purple Tiger is inspired by our family, it is made from the combination of my, my husband’s and our children’s initials. (Terri, Isabelle, Gregg and Eleanor Rose! – TIGER) and of course we love Purple! Purple Tiger is a Handbag, Jewellery and Umbrella Shop in Ramsbottom, we stock Radley, Tula, Fossil, Kipling, Nica, Mischa Barton, Mywalit, Ciccia Handbags and Purses, we also sell beautiful Umbrellas

We have been in business now for a number of years and we absolutely love it! This is a whole family business even our children help out – (choosing the Children’s ranges of Umbrellas, jewellery and Kipling Children’s bags!  Chosen by children, for children!) Whichever day you pop in the shop you are bound to see one of us. Our background wasn’t in retail, I was a Legal Eagle in a former life and Gregg enjoyed his building business until we decided to take the plunge and open up a shop together selling Handbags and Jewellery – which myself and our two girls have always loved! We enjoy seeking out the latest fashions and most popular brands and we love helping our customers chose the perfect gift or accessory.

We signed up for Google Business Photos as we wanted to raise our profile on-line, we have a High Street Shop and also sell via our e-commerce website.  It was our experience that new customers were occasionally wary of buying from independent businesses on-line and seeing that we have a bricks and mortar business was reassuring to them that they are dealing with a legitimate business.  The Google photos is a fantastic way of allowing customers to enter your business and see for themselves the products that you stock.  We also received great feedback from our existing on-line customers who enjoyed being able to come inside the shop and have a virtual tour.

I have to say my favourite feature is that customers can, from the comfort of their own home, take a wander around your business and get a feel for who you are and what you do.  Our shop is based in Ramsbottom, Lancashire.  Ramsbottom is very much a tourist destination.  Many other businesses in our Town have also signed up for the Google photos and I think that it is fantastic that when someone is planning a day out, for example when we have a large event planned such as the Chocolate Festival, visitors can go on-line and have a look around the Town before hand to plan where else they would like to visit.

The whole process of signing up with Martin for the Google photos was extremely straight forward.  We agreed a date between us and Martin came along and took the photos very quickly and efficiently.  Martin definitely has an eye for staging the photos and gave us great tips on how best to display our products.  Martin very quickly sent over to us the link which we put on our website, our social media pages such as Facebook and twitter and on other sites where we have our business listed.

On the very day that we put the link on our website we had an immediate upturn in our on-line sales!  I feel that as I said above the fact that we are a bricks and mortar business is very reassuring to on-line customers.

Since having the Google photos done myself I have found that I have also used the same as a customer, it is fantastic if you are looking to book a table in a restaurant being able to take a look around and see where you would prefer to be seated, or to have a wander around a hotel before booking in.

I couldn’t recommend Martin enough.