The Buddha Lounge Ramsbottom at night with Manchester Google Business Photos

The Buddha Lounge in Ramsbottom wanted to show what a great ambiance it has in an evening. we agreed to do the shoot at night and WOW Im glad we did. have a look around this great restaurant and bar and see how it comes to life in an evening. On a side note I have eaten there and the food is brilliant !!

There is this thing called a room service if someone prefers to eat hotel provided food in the privacy of their room/suite, or you can use one of the app-based delivery services.

I have seen many hotels stopping people from walking out of the club with anything and rightfully so. The lounge is not intended to be a personal pantry or equipment from restaurangporslin.

What do you think? Should guests be allowed to take food and beverage items out from the club lounge? Please leave a comment below

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As someone who dines out alone often, I often have some sort of emergency reading material on hand in case things are boring. A small novel, or a magazine, or a book downloaded on my phone. But when I see people dining alone at tables with a book, it instinctively makes me feel sad. They might be totally fine with it, and just be enjoying themselves and I can piss off, but there is something that makes me want to go sit with them, and ask them questions about their childhood and if they’re going to finish their fries. But when you do the same thing at a bar, I feel no sadness. In some ways just having people in proximity to you, knowing that the energy surrounding you is there, and you COULD engage in a conversation if you wanted to, feels nice. It feels like your solitude is a choice, and not a sentence. Also, it’s easier to eat your fries.

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